Big Gig IV

January in Toledo is generally not a good time to go for a nice ride. The weather has been good enough to melt a lot of snow and ice out of the way in the past week, but that still doesn’t mean it’s quite prime-time for riding. In the meantime, I’m catching a plane and heading to New York City for a small, informal gathering called the “Big Gig” – this will be the 4th time (3rd for me). We gather for lunch, visit the International Motorcycle Show at the Javits center, then it’s off for dinner, a charity fundraiser, and some enjoyable alcoholic beverages. I’m hoping to get some of the best sushi in NYC at Sushi Yasuda the night before with a close friend, as well as finally get my hands on a glass of Leffe Brown. It’s been far too many years.  All of this should prove to be a good distraction while the snow flies, though soon it will be time to start preparing the bikes for another season…

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