Melting roads

It turns out there is grass under all that snow in my yard.  After a week of sunny above-freezing days, the roads are ice and snow free, though still covered in a nice salty residue.  Not only is it a good time to bundle up and get some short rides in, but it’s also a good chance for me to check the bikes over and see what needs to be done.  My R80/7 needs a front brake (rotor is terribly warped), new carb floats, and front/rear wheel bearings.  Paint would be nice as well, but it’s not necessary.  As for the GSPD, it also needs a front brake, a new starter (the current one doesn’t like to disengage fast enough) a breather valve, and tires to make my riding far safer.  It all adds up, but I’m sure it will be worth it.  Now is also the time to install some additional lighting on the GS (lite-buddies, for example).  The warm weather will be here before we know it, and who wants to spend a day working on a bike when they could be riding?

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