Back from PA

After many hours of riding in very heavy rain, I made it back from PA. Route 666 through the Allegheny Forest was nice, though at times it gets a bit rough. Just fine for my GS but maybe not so good for a bike with bad suspension. Route 6 and the Kinzua Bridge were also nice to check out, and then there is route 44… it would transition from perfect road to chip seal to no pavement at all (for several miles). A number of turns had some loose gravel in them, one had a 50-foot section of road missing at the exit (full of loose gravel), and a long section had half of the lane very poorly re-paved, leaving you with 1/2 of a lane that was usable. Still, it offered some great riding (if you kept your eyes open and dialed back the speed a bit) and really fantastic scenery. There were even a few curves marked for 10mph on a good piece of road, which made for quite a lot of fun. Aside from that, I did some great riding around PA and even NY around the Delaware Water Gap. Pictures will be added to my gallery in a few hours.

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