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The long awaited and long-promised conversion to WordPress is complete, for the moment.  It’s likely I’ll modify the theme or switch some things around, but this is going to pretty much be it.  The benefits (aside from looking nicer and being easier for me to manage) is I will be able to update far more frequently (a mobile app on my cell phone is also very helpful for this).

In more good news, the photo gallery is finally back online!  You can access it from the link in the upper right corner.  Soon, I will be adding more photos from the “Color in the Catskills ‘08″, as well as photos from some of my trips in 2009.

The “Ride Reports” (the most popular part of my site by far) are still available (also linked in the top corner of the site) though they are still in the old format.  I hope to get that cleaned up very soon for everyone.